Sexuality is one of the major dimensions of most peoples’ lives. At its most basic, it is the life force that impels us forward to bond with others and establish relationships and community. It can be a source of the most pleasurable experiences available to us, or alternatively, the cause of much unhappiness and even suffering.

Golden Gate Counseling has a commitment to honoring and supporting the fullness of peoples’ sexual and erotic lives, and we offer a full compliment of services designed to meet our clients “where they are at”. Whether you are coping with relationship issues, coming out or changing sexual orientation, gender identity struggles, alternative sexuality, or other issues relating to sexual desire, behaviors, or sexual functioning, we are here to offer skilled, supportive, and confidential services to those we see.

Please see our video below to get more of a sense of how we work with these issues, and to decide if making an appointment to see us is right for you!

Psychotherapy and Sexuality

Sexual Orientation
Sexual Compulsion and Addiction
Female Bisexuality
Male Bisexuality
Relationship Counseling
Kink and BDSM