Grief can sometimes be a long-term experience. Today’s culture does not provide adequate support to grieve. Often people are told things like: “It is time to move on,” “Our loved ones would want us to feel better,” “Keep busy, then you won’t feel bad.”

Grieving, death, counseling, therapy, couple's lossSometimes they even say things such as, “Aren’t you over that yet?” and “Men don’t cry.”

These and many other statements keep individuals from dealing with the sacred process of loss.

My experience allows me to create a safe space to let a client feel as needed, as long as the need is for gentle guidance towards relief of symptoms.

Example of grief counseling in my San Francisco mental health practice

Grief and depression often take over a client’s life when a relationship ends. A man who broke up with his partner was heartbroken and depressed. Through talk therapy, he admitted that he was also unhappy in his profession. I helped him change careers, which required going back to school.  He earned his Master’s Degree while we worked together and became a functioning being again. He also found a healthy relationship.

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