depression, sadness, grief, counseling, therapyHave you found that only when you are with a partner that you feel worth anything?

Do you feel like you have to be with someone to be whole?

Is pain in a relationship normal to you?

Are sex and love combined?  Do you feel that you are only loved when your partner wants to have sex with you?

Are you afraid of being alone?  Are you afraid that if your relationship ended that you wouldn’t survive?

Do you choose unavailable partners?

The desire to be in a relationship is the most natural, human experience we  have. We find great joy, passion and love with someone special.  We have dreams and fantasies of what the perfect relationship looks like.

Sadly for many of us this desire has caused us great pain.  Many of did not have positive role-models in our parents who taught us how to have healthy love relationships.  We may have had very difficult childhoods and maybe even suffered from trauma and/or abuse that lead us to try and get love from someone else that we couldn’t get in our families.  We then expect another to make us feel whole.  This is the recipe for love addiction.

We can provide you the tools to have a healthy relationship?  By healing the past we can go into our relationships as whole complete individuals.  We can help you recover from unhealthy relationships.  Our clinicians have experienced our own pain from these problems and want to help others do the same

Contact us for immediate relief from the pain of love addiction.

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