• Has your sex life become a source of Conflict and Pain?
  • Are you fighting so much that you want to give up?  If you are here, you probably love each other too much to give up now.
  • Do you want a gay therapist that specializes in supporting gay couples to live out their highest dreams of what a relationship can be?

Why Pick Us?

Randy and Jeanna have been working with gay couples for over 25 years.  Struggling in our own relationships, we have both attended many workshops to enhance our relationships and train us to work with Gay Couples.  We are both in relationships that bring us much joy, but only because we have worked hard working through issues of abandonment and negative effects of childhood.  Both of us have spent many years as activists for LGBTQ people and have been in the trench es to help us have a chance of meaningful, satisfying, sensual relationships.

We can help you create the relationship that could make you happy for a lifetime.

John Gottman, Ph.D of the Gottman institute has said “research has shown that there are some qualities of strength… that are especially key to same-sex couples.  “Gay and Lesbian couples tend to use more affection and humor in arguments, have a more even balance of power than their mixed sex counterparts, and are better able to hear criticism. Gay Couples are have a much easier time talking about sex.”

However, Gay and Lesbian couples often suffer a lack of support from families. We also lack role models that help us see the possibility of a healthy relationships.  We need great compassion and care.

We consider working with gay couples, as one of the biggest gifts and privileges that we are given in our work.

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