Do you…

  • Have erotic and/or sexual feelings for more than one gender?
  • Wonder if your sexuality is just too complicated or conflicted to be safely expressed or explored?
  • Desire to have more than one lover, or alternatively, wonder if being bi means you cannot be monogamous even if you want to?
  • Feel you have to choose between being gay or straight?

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Bisexuality, the ability to feel sexual and/or loving feelings for members of more than one gender, is often experienced as the most difficult of the sexual orientations to come to terms with. This, I believe, is due to the complex nature of sexuality generally, as well as negative messages that bisexual individuals receive from dominant culture. We are taught that healthy people “know what they want”, can “make up their minds”, aren’t “undecided”, and can “make a choice”. However, sexuality is often more complicated than all that. Bisexual people may be attracted to people of different genders in different ways, or at different times in their lives, or for different reasons. The important thing to realize is that you don’t have to choose unless you want to, and if you are bi, you have been given the gift of the potential to have more loving and experience than the average person.

I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. My work is solution oriented and psycho-dynamic in nature, and filled with humor, curiosity, and compassion for others. I am committed to assisting those with gender variant identities in finding love, compassion, wholeness, and as full a life as possible. I work relationally with individuals, couples, children, groups, and other relationship configurations.

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