Have you had any of the following experiences:
Have you been sexually, physically or emotionally abused as a child?
Have you been in a car accident, been raped, been the victim of violent crime or witnessed a tragedy?
Have you been in the military?
Have you been the victim of a hate crime?
Have you been emotionally physically or sexually abused because of your gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity?

If so you may experience the following:
Are memories of past events interfere with your life.
Feeling that you are disassociated from the present.
Finding that you are afraid or disassociated while having sex?

These are reasons that one seeks help from an experienced therapist. We can help you today if you call or write us!

Methods of Working With Trauma Clients

  • Brainspotting and EMDR
  • PTSD Exposure Therapy
  • Process Work and Dream Therapy
  • Extensive Training Complex Trauma

Individual therapy for trauma in our San Francisco counseling practices

Often a client comes to us initially for one reason, and sexual abuse or trauma comes up later. We work at each person’s pace. With the development of Brainspotting developed by David Grand and Lisa Schwarz, we are able to access the parts of the brain that hold good and bad memories from the past. With the help of the therapist, you are able to create resources to help you deal with traumatic experiences from the past. We all hold trauma because being born is traumatic.

Things men and woman have hidden all of their life frequently are expressed in our sessions.

We work with dreams and nightmares, showing how disturbances are held in the body and providing a means for releasing them.

We believe that all people are part of a larger group, be it family, spiritual, friends, or work. I like to know where a client is coming from to determine how best to be of help.

Often members of an extended family or group are invited to therapy sessions to work on a client’s specific issues. I have even lived with a group or family to help resolve difficult problems.

Healing From Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

Are you suffering from Depression?
Would help from a San Francisco Trauma Therapist be Helpful?
Have you been treated by a PTSD Counselor?
Do you suffer from Anxiety?
Have your relationships suffered from outbursts of Anger?
Have you suffered grief or loss?