Has your anger caused negative consequences in your life?

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I am so angry I could….

Do you find yourself enraged at situations that are not going your way?

Have you threatened a family member, a friend or a stranger?

Has your anger turned violent?

Are your only two responses to events to get angry or to withdraw?

In my practice I find that it is more important to get to the root of anger, than  to manage it.  Since most people who are referred for anger management are men, it is important to look at what we have been taught about controlling others, or what does it mean to be a man.  Most of us have been taught that “real men” must be strong and must confront situations head on.  If you are the man of the household, that means that you are in control.   Many of these cultural beliefs leave men with very few options:   get angry and control their environment or withdraw from it.

Anger is an emotion that we are wrongly taught we should not have. It is often areflection of one’s feelings of powerlessness over situations, people and life.

However, in healing, the emotion we label “anger” can be a source of individual power. Once someone recognizes and expresses anger in a safe environment, he or she can transform that energy into something positive and use it to benefit him or herself and others.

Working with anger can take many forms, including role play, being physical with pillows, and sometimes including the people with whom one is angry.

Most people see anger as a negative quality in themselves. Many are afraid that if they start expressing anger it will never cease.

Some people have no idea that they are angry. Wherever a person might be on this scale, working with anger is an important part of his or her healing process.

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