Have your Attempts at communicating ended in Fighting?
Are you constantly arguing about sex and/or money?
Do you hope that sex will make everything better?
Have you almost given up and this may be your last “try”?
Has one of you had an affair?


Recent research shows that the following signs are symptoms of a deteriorating relationship.

  1. Sex is Dead or Dying.
  2. Increase in Arguing or Negativity
  3. Feeling Distant.
  4. Increase in Anger, Hostility and/or Sarcasm
  5. Avoidance of Each Other; Stonewalling
  6. Trust Issues (PORNOGRAPHY; Affairs, Hiding cell phone/Texting, Sexting,  Suspicious Absences)

If you are experiencing one or more of the above than it is time to take  action.  We can help you create the relationship that will last a lifetime and include a satisfying, hot sexual relationship.  We are committed to helping  you create the relationship that will last a life time.

Relationships are our greatest gifts.  They create joy in our lives.    They also can cause us  more pain then we have ever experienced.  Any relationship that is meaningful to you is worth the work to make it better.   Contact us now.

 More information to help you understand your problems:

Are you concerned that your husband/wife has cheated on you?

Do you wish you were having more sex and/or intimacy?

Are you afraid of your partner’s rage?  Is there violence or a threat of violence?



Relationship, Couples and Marriage Counseling

Do you need healthier ways to  Communicate?
Are you afraid that your wife/husband/parter has been cheating?
Are you afraid that you might be dealing with a Sex Addiction or Porn Addiction?
Gay and Lesbian Couples Therapy
Are you in a Multicultural or Interracial Relationship?
Are you seriously considering Dissolution of your marriage?