Do you or a family member struggle with an addiction to:

Is your family suffering from the addictive behavior of a loved one? Has the family become hopeless?  Are you feeling helpless? If the family could get help for your loved one, would they?

Help is Available! Research has shown that with the help of concerned family members and friends, the addicted person has an 80% chance of recovering from their addiction.

As a certified ARISE Interventionist I can help you and your family get the Help you need to get your loved one into recovery

Example of Addiction Intervention in San Francisco

A client who with a history of alcoholism directed anger at himself for his failures in life.  I made a special effort to meet his friends and set
up a network of support for him through them. I advocated his treatment in a 12-step recovery program.

His addiction had broken the bonds of love and trust in his family, and he made a commitment to stop drinking for his parents, brother, and friends.

Even though he complained of the hard work involved in therapy, he always showed up for his appointments.

I met with the family once a month for maintenance. His successful recovery is the result of a lot of long-term work.

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