Relationships are as necessary to most people as air and food. They literally are the emotional sustenance we rely on for a healthy, happy life. At the moment we come into the world, we are utterly dependent on others, usually our parents, for our most basic survival needs. When these needs are not met in certain important ways, we can develop ways of interacting with the world, or “scripts”, that influence how we experience life, what we expect from it, and what we are willing and able to give to it. These scripts, or interpretations, are taken into every new relationship we form. When a relationship is going well, there is often no greater pleasure available to us. We feel met, “in love”, loving, “on top of the world”. However, no relationship is a static entity, never changing. Every relationship will have its difficulties, its ups and downs. People come to see us when these cycles start to stay negative, or when a relationship begins to offer more in the way of pain than pleasure. Sometimes this goes on for years before help is sought. Couples Therapy and other forms or relationship work (families, triads, systems, etc.) requires special skill, training, and aptitude. It is one of several specialties we offer at Golden Gate Counseling Center. If you and your partner have been suffering in your connection, why not take the risk to reach out and explore what help is available? We are skilled in Systems Theory, Gottmann work, Emotionally-Focused Couples work, and Imago Therapy. We look forward to your call or e-mail soon.

Conflict can be healthy!!! 

Many of the great lessons of an individual’s life come from working through conflict.The biggest problem is that most people have not experienced healthy conflict resolution. work with couples, families and even businesses to provide space for conflict to happen and be supported and resolved. Unexpressed conflict causes much resentment: relationships become burdensome and cumbersome. The people who we love the most begin to look like enemies.

“Power Dynamics in Relationship”

Most times couples are not aware of how the advantages of one person in the relationship can deeply affect the other. Issues such as educational level, psychological awareness, spiritual growth, emotional awareness and earned income can easily affect the couple.  These advantages can be used in support of the relationship or can be utilized as weapons.

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