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Achieving Success in A LDR (Long Distance Relationship)

It is estimated that 14 million Americans identify themselves in long distance relationships known as a LDR. Online dating apps are quickly becoming the most common way that relationships start.  People fall in love online and though it may not be practical, they desire  to make things work.  Many of these people have had a […]

The Shame That Holds us Hostage

Shame Begins In Childhood Where does shame begin?  It begins in childhood, the first time we are told that there is something wrong with us.  Who do we look to as a child to mirror ourselves? We turn to our parents.  They are the experts, we need love, admiration, attachment, acknowlegement, acceptance and positive attention. […]

Anger, rage and The Therapist

Anger is a normal human emotion.  Anger, mostly occurs when the events externally or internally are beyond our control.  When I  experience powerlessness in the face of a any situation and I cannot control the situation, it is normal to feel anger, despair, hopelessness or fear.  When I direct the anger towards another being,  that […]

Recovery From Addiction To Electronic Media

Symptoms of Electronic Media Addiction Do You: 1)  consistently spend more time than you plan watching television or electronic media? 2)  Do you feel that you do not have enough time to take care of the important things in your life such as chores, personal health and fitness, business or relationships but still find plenty […]

Treating The Sex Addict and Their Family

I have been working with Sex Addicts and love addiction (more on Love Addiction in a different article) in my practice since 1990.  I have found that they are actually two very different manifestations of the same illness.  Many health professionals  use the word illness because the disease model has been a very effective model […]

Why Polyamory?

In order to be Poly one has opened  themselves to love, intimacy and sex with more than one person.  This opens a new level of joy that may not be available with monogamy.    Most of us were taught, in one way or another, (Television, movies, family role models) that one person “should” be able […]

Gay Couples Therapy

We have a special commitment to gay couples. It is a miracle that there are so many successful gay relationships  in the light of ongoing oppression.  And, this is the most exciting time in history, as state after state is recognizing gay marriage.

Brainspotting – The Gentle Way To Heal From Painful Events And Addiction

Resourced Brainspotting is proving to be the most effective way to uncover childhood events that lead to addiction in an individual. A client may not remember what happened to them but their body does. When the body begins to release memories and the mind understands the effects of live’s painful experiences, the need for addiction begins to dissipate. Recipients find they are able to reach a core sense of self with in a few hours of therapy.

Anxiety and Depression – Best Ways to Treat Both

Stress, Anxiety, Depression as well as most mental and emotional disorders occur when the body is not able to release the past and current memories. Though we often do not have visual memories, our bodies remember everything that has happened to us. Therefore for lasting healing and change, the experiences of the body needs to be the focus of healing.