Does your depression keep you from wanting to get out of bed?
Do you wonder why you have so much anxiety?
Have you experienced a painful loss?
Are you fighting in your relationship?
Do you suffer from a phobia?
Have you experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse?

Brainspotting may be the answer for you. It is the most innovative  effective therapy I have used in my 26 year career.

Brainspotting:  Unique and Cutting Edge

The basic concept of Brainspotting:  “where you look determines how you feel”.  You can experiment with this on your own.

  1. Pick any issue that is bothering you.
  2. Locate where in your body you are experiencing that issue.
  3. Focusing on that issue, move your head to the right, then straight ahead of you, and then to the middle.
  4. Notice if there is a change in your emotional or physical experience.

That is Brainspotting.  This is how I work with clients.

  1.  I ask my client:  “what would you like to work on today?” Suppose they say:  “I am really anxious about my relationship with my boss.”
  2. Where do you feel the experience of that in your body?  “I feel it in my chest”
  3. “On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the strongest, How high is it right now?”  “About a 7”.
  4. “Okay I am going to move this pointer across your field of vision.  I will start towards the right, and then focus on the middle, and then focus on the right.   Where is the eye position that causes the most activation?”  “Towards the middle”.  (This is one of the amazing qualities of Brainspotting:  95% of the time the client finds the spot immediately.
  5. “I am going to hold the pointer and you just see where your experience takes you.”

That is the entire setup of the process.  Studies show that focusing on the point allows immediate access to the mid-brain, the place where everything that has happened to us Positive neutral or negative is stored.  It bypasses the thinking mind and goes right to the core of our experiences.  This allows the energy of an event to process and release.  The release of this energy iw hat makes it most powerful.  My role as therapist is to follow my client believing that their brain holds everything it needs to heal.  I have to honestly say that I feel like I am watching miracles unfold right in front of me.

Examples of Brainspotting

Brainspotting San Francisco, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction

Dr. David Grand, Developer of Brainspotting.

David Grand, developer of Brainspotting stumbled upon the prices by accident.  He was working with a professional Ice Skater.  She was not able to do a triple.  At the time he was practicing EMDR.  As he passed across the client’s field of vision with a pointer, he noticed that at one spot, her eyes began to wobble.  He asked her to hold that eye position.  Within seconds she started to experience trauma that she had not remembered before.  The following day she performed a triple.


If You Do Not Experience A Significant Change in the First Session, I will not Charge You.


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