Are you…

  • Questioning your gender Identity?
  • Feeling the pain of disconnection between the gender you know and the gender others see?
  • Considering coming out?
  • Do you need help and/or guidance in transitioning?

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As both a psychotherapist and trans woman myself, I know first hand the pain and struggle that many trans people go through on the way to self-acceptance and proud claiming of self. If you are struggling to find your way, uncertain how to proceed, or in fear around your gender issues, I have been where you are now, and I can assure you there is a better life waiting for you! If you have already transitioned, and are wondering how you can make life as fulfilling as possible now that you have met some of your goals, I am here to help. Please don’t delay in getting the life you really want!

I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. My work is solution oriented and psycho-dynamic in nature, and filled with humor, curiosity, and compassion for others. I am committed to assisting those with gender variant identities in finding love, compassion, wholeness, and as full a life as possible. I work relationally with individuals, couples, children, groups, and other relationship configurations.

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