• compulsive spending, addiction to shopping, gambling

    Issues with Money?

    Do you or a loved one have a debting habit?

  • Do you or a loved one spend money compulsively or shop impulsively?
  • Are you anxious about  paying  your bills this month?
  • Do you feel like you don’t understand money?
  • Are money conflicts destroying your relationship?

This problem will not go away with debt consolidation.  You probably need help now.

Millions of people have become trapped in a spiral of spending and debt. Overspending is a cultural addiction in a society that urges us to buy on credit, and keep buying. We are, after all, a consumer society, which rewards and glorifies the self-destructive behavior of overspending and compulsive shopping. This behavior leads to lives of unrealistic expectation, anxiety, and fear.

Break the cycle of financial terror for yourself or a loved one.  There is hope!

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