Sex Addiction

Sex addiction gains power over our lives.  With easy access  to online pornography, occasional viewings can quickly become habits that are deeply ingrained in our lifestyle.  Other sources of compulsive behavior may include visiting strip clubs, bathhouses, adult bookstores, prostitutes, cruising bathrooms and parks.  Often the sex leaves us feeling empty and alone.  The Oprah Winfrey show stated that more people are suffering from sexual addiction than from alcohol or drugs: 20 million people in the United States alone.

The Internet brings us streaming video, hook up sites, and sexual chat rooms, and more – just a fraction of the unregulated sexual content immediately available on your desktop. Patrick Carnes, the leading psychologist in the field of sex addiction says, “The Internet is to sex addiction, what crack cocaine has been to drugs.” People risk their primary relationships, jobs and solid financial security in the frenzied pursuit of obsessive sex with themselves or another. An obvious reason that people become addicted is seeking a way to escape. The less obvious reason is simply that we search for connection, touch and love. Sex addiction often has its roots in a quest for intimacy where the repetitive behaviors ultimately bring unfulfilling consequences.

I help my clients develop the tools to be fully intimate.

Working with sex addicts is one of my specialties. It is important to treat sex addiction like other compulsive behavior. My goal is to help you create a loving, honest relationship. This may include making referrals to recovery programs or community support groups. Recovering sex addicts go on to have a positive life free of the fear of disease, arrest and other burdens they have been living with.

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