Is sex more important than anything else?
Do you fantasize about sex all the time:  home? work?
Are you constantly starting at “hot” people?

Are you at risk of losing your marriage,  your job or your life?
Are you spending hours online: watching porn, texting, sexting, or trying to hook up?
Are you risking your job, your relationship or your education?
Did your partner just discover that you have been cheating or having an affair?
Are you struggling with  sexual addiction?
Have you not been able to stop on your own?

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It is estimated that between 12-18 million people are suffering from sex or porn addiction in the United States. The  accessibility of internet porn available on computers or smartphones has made it significantly easier to become an addict. It has become easier to have sex by yourself or with strangers  than it is to have sexual intimacy with your partner.

What is also staggering is how many children and teenagers have access to porn.  The Chances of Children becoming addicted are far greater if their parents are addicted.  It is tragic how this disease is passed on generationally.

By the time they are adults it is almost impossible to have a satisfying sexual relation with another. There is a myth that men need more sex, therefore they need to find it somewhere else.  30% of women also watch porn.  It is also a myth that “I just have a strong sex drive; the truth is that “I have strong reasons to be compulsive.

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