Do you live in a small town?

Do you have issues that a local therapist may not be familiar with?

Do you feel like you need an expert for the issues you are dealing with?

Is your life so busy that you are unable to physically get to an appointment?

It may be difficult to find a therapist in your area that deals particularly with

skype therapy, phone counseling,

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the following issues:

Brainspotting is one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used in my 29 years of being a counselor.  It allows me to quickly access and resolve issues that used to take me months, even years to help a client with.  People experience lasting change within a few sessions.  The magic of this work is that it directly accesses the part of the brain where unprocessed past or present events are stored.  Once accessed the Brain naturally heals itself and releases negative energy.

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