Healing From Trauma And Abuse

Many therapists and Psychologists have used techniques that help the client to reexperience the truama and abuse that has been stored in their brains. This has been an effective tool in helping people to bring to the surface life’s events that have caused great pain, suffering and had kept people from having fulfilling lives.

In recent years more and more Professionals in Mental Health have turned to Neuro Psychology, learning ways to process trauma and abuse that bypass the intellectual and emotional brain and moving directly to working with the connection between our body, our brain and our field of vision. This movement began with Dr. Francine Shapiro who developed a now popular technique known as EMDR. She first reported her findings in 1989. She found a direct connection between eye movement and the ability of the brain to heal

David Grand who is a Certified EMDR Teacher developed Brainspotting, which I consider to be the next generation EMDR. He found that the brain organically started to heal when an activated body symptom was directly connected to one spot in our visual field. This activated part would automactiaclly release content that the client would begin to experience. By this simple activation, the body would release the energy that holds trauma in place. Clients would experience instant relief from issues that had plagued them their whole life.

Lisa Schwarz then developed another technique called Resource Brainspotting. She found that people can process trauma from a place where the body is more calm and the activation level is less painful.

My first experience of Brainspotting was with Lisa and I found that in one hour I had released more pain and anxiety around my issue of being in large groups than I had in a lifetime of talk and experiential therapy.

I think the most important component of this work is that the client learns that they do the healing. They develop internal resoursces that allow them to experience pain they sublimally believed would kill them. This is the reason that most people do not want to heal the past, is that they feel if they start feeling or reliving something that they will never stop, it will literally sink them into an uncontrollable world.

It is phenomenal change when people have the experience that we have the internal ability to handle our own pain and suffering without overloading and falling into the wasteland of pain.

From this resourced place, lasting healing takes place. The brain continues to process and release trauma and the individual experiences more and more freedom in their life.

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