Brainspotting, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

Brainspotting – The Gentle Way To Heal From Painful Events And Addiction

Brainspotting, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

David Grand, Developer of Brainspotting

David Grand discovered that by simply following the gaze of the eye, one is able to access painful memories and feeling states. When you are able to focus on a visual spot that coincides with a particular problem or upset, the brain will automatically begin to process and release the unwanted energy. This process is as simple as it sounds, and yet it is very powerful. As the therapist, my role is only to follow you and your process wherever it will lead us. I do not know where we are going but I am there to protect you on your journey. Of course before we can start the journey I need to gain your trust and become attuned with your goals and desires.

This process is affective with dealing with anxiety, depression, abuse and trauma. It can also be effective when you are unable to make a decision.

Often it has been thought that a person heals from their past by re-experiencing it, sometimes known as exposure therapy. Resourced Brainspotting, believes that the body can process from a very low state of agitation. In other words the calmer the body, the easier it remembers and releases the effects of painful experiences. The client also quickly learns that they can use these methods at home, to calm themselves in difficult day to day situations.

What is my personal experience with Brainspotting?

I have experienced many different paradigms of therapy in my life. All of them have been effective in supporting my own healing process. Brainspotting has played a unique role in allowing me freedom in my life. In a very short time it allowed me to process through trauma that I had been holding my whole life. It helped me handle situations in my life that used to seem impossible.

What is my experience of Brainspotting with my clients?

My clients are able to access their own rate of healing and are able to focus very quickly on what they want to heal. They decide at what intensity they are able to deal with a particular issue. Since there is no right way to heal, the client nor the therapist feel pressure to do it right. If the two of us hang out together, change will happen.

One of the most exciting aspects of this work, is that you do not need to remember the past, your body tells you the story, and then the brain automatically begins to heal the past.

Having been trained and experiencing the benefits of Brainspotting, I am passionate about sharing this experience with others. When someone comes to therapy for the first session, they are confused, anxious and scared. Taking the first step towards healing is courageous.

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