Relationship Problems? Don’t Wait Until it is too late. Are you

  • having problems communicating?
  • struggling with maintaining a healthy sexual relationship?
  • needing support from a gay or lesbian therapist?

We can help you create the relationship that could make you happy for a lifetime.

Read something very positive about LGBT relationships:

John Gottman, Ph.D of the Gottman Institute has said “research has shown that there are some qualities of strength… that are especially key to same-sex couples.”Gay and Lesbian couples tend to use more affection and humor in arguments, have a more even balance of power than their mixed sex counterparts, and are better able to hear criticism.

However, Gay and Lesbian couples often suffer a lack of support from families. We also lack role models that help us see the possibility of a healthy relationships.  We need great compassion and care.

We consider working with gay couples, in my psychotherapy practice, is one of the biggest gifts and privileges that we are given in my work.

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