Have you Been the victim of a gay hate crime?

Have you been gay bashed?

Were you molested or raped at anytime in your life?

Have you been physically abused in your family because you are gay?

Have you been the victim of bullying, verbal abuse or overt/covert verbal abuse?

Unfortunately this happens far too often to a gay man.

There have been studies that say that 80% of gay men will be the victim of violence
in their life time.

Gay men are far more at risk for being molested, having eating disorders and
suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Many gay men blame themselves.
Some part of them may have enjoyed having sex with an elder, and think that they
brought this on themselves.

Here is just one of the stories that I have heard in my practice.

“I instinctually knew something was wrong, the person next to me had very bad
energy.  I turned around to walk towards my car which was only 20 yards away.
Then they came, seven men jumped me from behind.  Within seconds I was down
on the ground, and they were violently kicking me, hitting me and screaming at me.
There was no one to help, no one even around to see it.  They kept at it, one kick,
and one fist after another.   Endorphins must have kicked in, because I didn’t feel
the pain.  All of a sudden a car honked and the punks ran away.  I got up; stunned I
walked to my car.  The people who saved my life, asked me if I needed a ride to the
hospital?  I told them I was able to drive; they followed me to the hospital.  My
collar bone was broken.  The nurses did not even wipe the blood off my face.  The
police were there, but I don’t remember what they said.  I went home and looked in
the mirror.  Swollen and bruised, my face was unrecognizable.  The next day my
close friend arrived to take care of me.  My body healed within a week.  I did not
see a therapist, so I did not know that the emotional trauma would haunt me for the
rest of my life.

Ten years later, I started having panic attacks several nights a week.  I did not
understand what was going on, and did not know what the cause was.   I would
wake up at 1am, and would remain in a state of panic until morning.  It was at least
a year before I flashed on my gay bashing, and immediately got help.”

Call me for help if you have been the victim of any hate crime.  There are many
ways to heal from the trauma.  I can help you become whole again.

Call:  415-834-1755
Or email me at randy@goldengatecounseling.com

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