Example of Individual therapy for acute and chronic illness in my San Francisco mental health practice

One of my clients was a cancer survivor who suffered severe pain and was not capable of working. I counseled him for several years.

As a result of our work together, he is married, has finished his training in the health care field and has two children.

My immediate focus with this client was rebuilding his sense of self-worth and overcoming a hopeless attitude. I then taught him skills to handle anxiety.

I also encouraged him to communicate with family members and his partner, boyfriend who all wanted to help him recover. I also supported him by phone when she called.

Healing From Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

Are you suffering from Depression?

Would help from a San Francisco Trauma Therapist be Helpful?

Have you been treated by a PTSD Counselor?

Do you suffer from Anxiety?

Have your relationships suffered from outbursts of Anger? 

Have you suffered grief or loss?