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Brainspotting: the new EMDR

Brainspotting which is very successful with trauma, has so many benefits for every client who comes to see me.  It has become the most important tool that I use when  a client is stuck in any area of their lives.  I may be talking with a client who appears stuck in a certain area of […]

Welcome to our New Website

We want to provide tips for communicating in relationships, help for addictions, particularly sex and porn addiction and support for the LGBT community.

Working with Trauma and PTSD (Video 1)

Jeanna Eichenbaum, LCSW and Randy Weled, MFT discuss their expertise in working with survivors of trauma and PTSD. This Video explains Prolonged Exposure Technique and the difference between Trauma and PTSD.

My Dance With Death

Death can come at anytime. We are fragile human beings; I didn’t know how fragile I was until I woke up in the hospital after 5 days of being sedated so that antibiotics could heal my pneumonia that had gone septic. It started with what I thought was a simple flu. It came on so […]

Unconscious Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in Counseling and Therapy

There are many things to look for when you are looking for a therapist or a counselor. Many people of a marginalized group know to look for someone who understands their background. However, many experts may be members of the dominant culture: straight, white, Christian Male. Beware of anyone who says they are not racist, […]

The Evolution of Porn and Addiction

Sex addiction is the fastest growing compulsive behavior in our nation. There are some studies that say that it is the #1 addiction. For straight men it normally begins with an innocent discovery of porn as a pre-teen or teenager. For some this is as far as it goes, with maybe occasional use as an […]

Recovery of a Sex and Porn Addict With the Help of Their Spouse

In my 20 years of dealing with sex addiction and porn addiction, I have recently realized that the chances of success are exponentially improved if the partner of the addict is included in the therapy and recovery process. This is especially true if one or both of them get into 12 step recovery. The addicts […]

Can Online Porn Become an Addiction?

The new world of pornography starts with a computer. In times past, someone had to leave their home, drive to a store to purchase, rent or watch pornography. Those days ended with the Internet. Now pornography is only one click away. People, mostly men, (though 30% of porn watchers are women) can spend hours a […]