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Healing From Trauma And Abuse

Many therapists and Psychologists have used techniques that help the client to reexperience the truama and abuse that has been stored in their brains. This has been an effective tool in helping people to bring to the surface life’s events that have caused great pain, suffering and had kept people from having fulfilling lives. In […]

Sex and Couples Therapy Are the Same

I attended my 2nd Crucible Marriage and Family Workshop this weekend. I have now completed 7 days of very intense training. The Crucible combines sex therapy and Couples Counseling.  One would think that these two therapies are the same, however, the field of psychology has always considered these to be two separate fields.   As […]

Trans March 2012

I muse on the changing and expanding definitions of “trans’ or transgender, in the SF Bay Area, as represented by the Trans March. Wonder if this portends changes more globally in who identifies as transgender, and what that might mean for people personally, and in community.

Debting And Compulsive Spending

Do you or a loved one have a debting habit? Do you or a loved one spend money compulsively or shop impulsively? Are you in constant anxiety of living on a financial edge? Do you feel like you don’t understand money? Are money conflicts destroying your relationship? [/list] Millions of people have become trapped in […]

Typical Behaviors of An Emotional Abuser

“The local woman whose husband beat here severely, cut her achilles tendons, made her watch him murder her three year old, set the house on fire and shot himself (last week) is the subject of much sympathy. There are also people, however, who asked a friend of hers “Why didn’t she leave sooner?” ARRGGH! I […]

Are you still fighting?

One of the hardest things in any relationship is to truly listen to the other person.  It means putting your own thoughts and feelings on the side long enough to truly hear the other person.  Unfortunately most couples never learn how to do this.  There is no Relationship 101 in school;  If you are reading […]

Who should come out first? To the Parents of Gay Children

I think most gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people struggle to come out to their family.  There is much written about the causes of this.  Often I hear my clients say that I haven’t come out to my grandfather but I know that he knows and accepts me.   I also hear family or friends […]