Gay Domestic Violence

Has your relationship been violent?

  • Have your fights ever gotten physical?
  • Has your partner ever threatened to out you?
  • Has your partner ever forced you to have unsafe sex?
  • Has your partner threatened to take your custody rights away?
  • Has your partner’s jealousy led to snooping and suspicion? Have they called this love?
  • Has your partner tried to isolate you from friends or family?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are probably dealing with Domestic Violence.

LGBT Partner violence is often not addressed or is actively ignored, but it occurs, unfortunately in 30-40% of our relationships, on a par with heterosexual relationship violence.   Domestic abuse is based on physical, emotional, or verbal tactics used by one partner to gain and maintain over the other.  These can include attempts at isolation, intimidation, threats and/or use of force, coercion, financial control, and the use of pets and/or children to control behavior.

Homophobia, confusion about whether one is being abused, fear of institutional rejection, and lack of resources can all impact one’s ability to get help.  LGBT clients may find it especially difficult to admit that domestic violence is an issue in our relationships because we have had to struggle so hard to make our relationships legitimate in the eyes of others.  Callin us can be the first step in receiving the support and understanding you need to make positive changes in your life.

These are common signs of depression.  Depression immobilizes people, makes their lives miserable and sometimes it seems like their life is not worth living.

Most times people suffer by themselves.  Domestic Violence   cannot be handled alone.  It is the time that we need help the most:  from our friends, our family and from a professional.

Together we  can begin to relieve your pain today.  Please call or email today for help in the Bay Area.

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