For The Partner

Couple in troubleHave you discovered porn on your partner’s computer? Have you thought that maybe your partner is a porn addict?

Have you suspected that you are being cheated on? Do you suspect infidelity?

Have you found questionable receipts?

Do you notice that your partner desires you less? Have you felt it was your fault?

Your may be the partner of a sex addict!

There is help available for you too! Call or email today for immediate assistance. 415-834-1755 or

  1. This is not your fault.
  2. This is not because you are not pretty enough or handsome enough.
  3. This is not because you were not available for sex.
  4. This is not because you needed to have sex in different ways.

Though these are the first thoughts or feelings you may have: They are not true.

Understanding this, is your first step to a better life. This is a hard enough situation to deal with; please do not turn your feelings against yourself.

There are many normal reactions to discovering what your partner’s behaviors. Anything that you feel is normal.  The most common statement is “I did not sign up for this”.  It is true, you did not sign up for this.  Unfortunately you are now dealing with it.  I will be able to help you come up with a recovery plan for both of you.  Most couples stay together in spite of the betrayal.

With the proper help, and a strong desire from your partner to seek recovery, your relationship can survive and move on. The pain of the betrayal may never leave, but it will lessen.

What do I do now?

Call today for a free therapy consultation 415-834-1755 or email me at:

Mental Health appointments available in my downtown San Francisco counseling office, by phone, or webcam.

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